The Business of Volunteering

To broaden the campaign about Elijah’s Promise, I decided to share how you can get involved in volunteering for a soup kitchen in your own community. Similarly to Elijah’s Promise, this article describes how to volunteer at a soup kitchen and reasons why it is important to do so.

This particular article was interesting because the original content was posted on a website about money, which indicates that there may be an underlying subliminal message in the article. However, after reading it, the author did not portray the article as a business opportunity, but instead utilized the platform to talk about statistics and the mathematical aspects of volunteering at a soup kitchen. This is different from other articles because most volunteer related websites are hosted on an organization that is seeking out volunteers, rather than from someone with an outside perspective.

The author, Juliet Kaman, obviously cares about this issue, and seems genuine in her intent. The lessons from this article have taught me how issues like poverty and hunger are usually caused by a domino affect, leaving those with limited resources at a disadvantage.


Collaboration with Comedians Connected

As promised, here is the guest post featuring my peer, Christopher Carroll, author of Comedians Connected. Comedians Connected is a blog centered around the work of comedians, including the work they do featuring nutrition.

This screencast features three different established comedians and how nutrition and food has affected their career. Lisa Lampenella was diagnosed with a Gastric Bypass. To better her health she lost 106 pounds and now maintains healthy diet and exercise habits. Louis CK and Jim Gaffign commonly make fun of themselves on stage, especially his lack of control, poor diet, and physique. By utilizing comedy to bring forth their own relatable issues, they force the audience to draw parallels to their own lives to make changes. The final comedian exemplified in this campaign is John Pinette. His act was solely about food, but unfortunately he passed away after losing 200 pounds.

Thank you for tuning in! To learn more about the Elijah’s Promise visit their website. Here you can find ways to get involved in the campaign.

Elijah’s Promise

Hello readers! It is finally time to reveal the collaborative campaign that TV’s Hidden GemsComedians Connected, and myself have been working on with the organization Elijah’s Promise. If you missed the announcement post, Elijah’s Promise is essentially a local organization on a mission to feed all the hungry people in New Brunswick by providing safe and nutritious food for those in need, educating the community about food safety, and overall empower the community.

As part of the campaign, I have create a video on information about Elijah’s Promise, including its history and goals, the essential nutrients everybody needs to survive, and the harsh realities of hunger affecting people in America and even globally. I have also included facts to support my research from Elijah’s PromiseWhyhunger, and Everydayhealth.

I hope many of you are encouraged to help Elijah’s Promise in some way or promote this type of organization in your own community. Their philosophy is that by sharing not only what they have, but also the tools for people to feed themselves, no one in the community needs to go hungry. That being said, it is important to raise awareness for issues such as hunger.

Remember to check out my partners’ blogs for the content they made to support the cause. Christopher Carroll, author of Comedians Connected, will be featured in a guest post on Encouragemint, so be sure to check back here soon!

The Language of Memes

Memes are typically a reliable method of spreading a message, due to its nature in reproduction to replicate. Memes have become an exponentially growing form of interaction on social media. They typically feature a cute or funny image with a punchline printed on it. Memes have become a staple on social media, which can largely be accredited to its reliability and ease of sharing. Patrick Davison defines a meme as “a piece of culture, typically a joke, which gains influence through online transmission” (Davison, 122). Listed below are three memes circulating in the nutrition community.

meme 1.jpg

This meme is from the popular show Game of Thrones. It is derived from a line in the show, by the character Jon Snow, and it has been repeatedly converted into a meme about multiple topics. In this case it is about nutrition. This is an important message because it conveys the complexity of nutrition. However, it is important to gain first hand experience in eating right for your own health.

meme 2.jpg

This second meme is from the iconic Disney Movie Cinderella. This meme highlights the breakdown of macronutrients. The joke insists that even though the shoe “fits” it is not ideal. The shoe represents the pizza and her foot represents the macronutrient levels.

meme 3.jpg

This meme is a joke about moderation. As many of you know, moderation is key in nutrition. A tablespoon of peanut butter is okay, however the “tablespoon” in the picture is not reasonable for a healthy diet.

Behind the Scenes!!

Hope you are all ready for the upcoming collaboration between Encouragemint, TV’s Hidden Gems, and Comedians Connected! We are currently working on shared content that all of our audiences can find a common interest in. Thus far, all the writers have agreed to promote the workings of Elijah’s promise. When we first began our collaboration, we had trouble finding a correlation between Encouragemint, television, and comedy. It seemed easy to find connections between two of the topics, but not all three. We collectively decided that they all shared a common goal: to help better the community. The message of Elijah’s promise incorporates all of our topics. We have also created a roadmap to arrange our future plan for the project. Using Google docs, we have been able to easily keep in contact and update each other with ideas. In the upcoming weeks, we plan on creating videos about the impact of food kitchens, like Elijah’s Promise. Especially during the holiday season, many television shows and comedians will promote volunteering needy members of our community, due to their public standing and influence on the media. Furthermore, I personally will create a video on different ways to get involved in the mission to end hunger in New Brunswick.


Image Source

Soup Kitchen from Wikimedia Commons Google Images

Comparison Post

In keeping with the trend of Encouragmint, this segment by MyPlate, MyWins features a video series that promotes a balanced diet for healthy individuals. This particular video covers the importance of the careful consideration of your food choices. Your daily diet should consist of a combination of fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, and dairy.


In order to elaborate on the value in helping others in your community through nutrition, I am going to compare two videos featured by the Let’s Move! initiative, created by Michelle Obama. While Elijah’s promise promotes donations of food, Michelle Obama’s initiative promotes community efforts to reverse the trend of childhood obesity through local organizations. She invites local organizations to create inspiring videos about their efforts to improve the health of children in their communities.

This submission is from the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, an organization in the small town of Eatonville, Florida. Macedonia implements programs to promote children to get active, eat healthy, and create a sense of group motivation. The church features a program called the Fit Family Challenge, an eight-week program with a mantra to help families conquer obesity together.

Collaboration Announcement!


Hello readers, it’s Anne Choi, the creator of the blog Encouragemint. I am very excited to announce that for the next couple weeks, I will be joining forces with Christopher Carroll and Skylar Jeremias for a collaborative campaign. Since all of our sites address the value of coming together to improve the quality of the community, we are going to produce a set of podcasts and videos that provide tutorials, reviews, and information about our Elijah’s Promise. Encouragemint will be making a how-to video about how you can get involved in the mission to end hunger in New Brunswick. Encouragemint will also be publishing guest posts by our partners. Stay tuned to Encouragemint, TV’s Hidden Gems, and Comedians Connected as the campaign unfolds, and visit Elijah’s Promise to learn about all of their great educational projects.

Our plan for our collaborative posts is to connect Encrouagemint’s values of nutrition with television and comedy. All three concepts incorporate thoughtful consideration of helping the community by ending hunger. Many television shows with plots that intend to teach the audience morals through entertainment feature characters volunteering within their communities to show hardships people endure, and the gratitude the characters feel after doing so. Soup kitchens also promote their cause through celebrities, including comedians. We specifically chose this cause because it is local to Rutgers University, where all three authors attend. A tentative guest post the author of TV’s Hidden Gems plans to feature is a sample of episodes that include characters choosing to volunteer at soup kitchens. This is especially relatable to this holiday season because many shows will promote good will through the volunteer work of their characters. The intended audience for this segment is those who care about the health of the community and how television can be used to promote causes such as Elijah’s Promise.

Macronutrients – Midterm Post


I specifically chose this topic to write about because of the stress I put on Encouragemint to be a platform for people of with many different goals. By addressing one’s goals and developing a breakdown of macronutrients needed to meet these goals, it becomes infinitely easier for the reader to pinpoint what type of topics they need to read in order to gain the most from Encouragemint. This screencast features information from google images, bbcgoodfood, shape, huffingtonpost, and IIFYM. The focal point of this screencast is the IIFYM macronutrient calculator. After a breakdown of why each macronutrient, protein, carb, and fat, are important I discuss how to find out how many grams of each macronutrient one needs daily.

I found that longer screencast videos need a written out script in order to have fluidity in the audio. The 2 minute screencast, featuring the comparison of the blogposts, was much easier to navigate away from the script I wrote for myself. However, this audio was difficult to add my own commentary as I went along, in fear of ruining the video.

Screencast Post


This week’s post features a youtube video comparing two different lifestyle blogs: Blogilates and Food Politics. First, lets discuss the technical aspect. This video was created with the program Screencast. It is fairly easy to use and easy to navigate. I did not have any trouble with figuring out how to record or pause the video. My biggest problem with the screencast was adjusting the screen to fit the entire webpage, without altering the intended layout, and still being able to see the script I wrote for myself on the side. The screencast allows you to have a designated area of your screen to record, while still being able to have other programs running on the side, in this case Microsoft Word.

As for the content of this video, I chose to compare these two blogs because they have similar topics, but different ways of achieving them. Blogilates focuses on diet and fitness, with a heavy focus on fitness. The food politics blog has extreamly different content, but still promotes healthy living. This blog specifically focuses on the science of food, and how it affects our political system. For example, it goes over the ethics of producing certain foods.

Audio Post

Welcome back to Encouargemint!

This audio post features an introduction to the site. The process of creating this file was much easier than expected. The audio was recorded on the program Audacity and then overlapped with music from a free music sharing site, which is cited below. The first thing I had to adjust was the volume of the music. I did  not want the listener to struggle to make out what I was saying because the background music is too loud, which I find is usually the problem some podcasts face. Once I recorded the audio, uploaded the music, and adjusted the sounds, I compressed the file to export as a single entity. This file had to be encoded by a program called Archive Manager, otherwise the file could not be opened without the Audacity application. This would cause problems for users, thus taking away from the ease that the blog strives to uphold. The compressed file was then uploaded to Soundcloud and then embedded onto the site. It is important for the editor to provide different types of media on her site because it enables interest in users. While blogposts are an effective measure of communication, the user may become tiresome of the same format.

The audio itself features an introduction to the post followed by the reasoning for Encouragemint’s development. I explicate that Encouargemint strives to put out content that can cater to all dietary needs, which is a problem that I myself faced while trying to change my goals. I found that in order to achieve different goals with your body, one needs to change the way one lives her lifestyle. The audio concludes with a warm thank you to the listener for checking into Encouragemint.

Music source:

Enthusiast by Tours from free music archive. (licensed for re-use)